the same shot, in a different light

"The divine love of God turns ordinary acts into extraordinary service. Divine love is the motive that transports simple words into sacred scripture. Divine love is the factor that transforms reluctant compliance with God’s commandments into blessed dedication and consecration.
Love is the guiding light that illuminates {my} path and fills [my] daily walk with life, meaning, and wonder.
Love is the measure of our faith, the inspiration for our obedience, and the true altitude of our discipleship.
Love is the way of the disciple."


everybody everybody everybody

(daily dose of imagery)
i was pondering love the other night.  ok not love.. more like the way we use the word. either you love someone, or you are in love with someone.  through out our lives we love lots and lots of people. our parents, our siblings, our grandma, our roommates, our best friends, or close friends.  sometimes even strangers on the street.  we feel love for these people.  that’s the key word. FOR. however, when you are in love with someone, that’s a whole different ball game.  we are in love with a lot less people than we love. having love with someone- that’s something shared, something felt only when two people are feeling it burning between them. its funny that this one very powerful word really means two very different things. 

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Internation Barbie Dison Day

in my family, the day after thanksgiving is not national shop-your-face-off-day, but rather, has always been, and always will be international barbie dison day.  my father invented this holiday back when my parents were just dating, and this day has been observed ever since.  my dad wrote a story about the creation of this holiday and you can read it here!

i mean, come on, who doesn't want a guy they're dating to invent a holiday for them.

so to celebrate this joyous day, we made cookies and lit a fire. woo!


introducing the brand new "cursing barbie"

(visit to apple hill)
here are some funny swearwords my mother said today:

"tough tooty"  "heaven tuberculosis"  "dang burger dude"



so i cut back on my hours at work with all that has been going on lately, but i picked up a morning shift today to cover for someone who was headed out of town, which means that i actually had time to catch up on all the posts sitting in my google reader... everso patiently waiting. it was a wonderful distraction since i'm antsy to get home and get packed and head up to salt late and do some funtivites before my plane takes off to whisk me home for the giving of thanks.  so within this little generic paragraph there are actually some things referenced worth enhancing..

speaking of funtivities, i will be with a certain boy. and speaking of that certain boy, the other day i picked up my phone, and his name had been changed..  in my phone, it now reads boythatilike. perfect.

speaking of work, it's been rough on the funds cutting back on the hours, but with the l'oreal brandstorm competition (if you don't know what i'm referring to, see every other post from this month) things have been a lot more manageable without a set work schedule.  speaking of brandstorm, work, and lack of funds, ashley and i were leaving a meeting at danielle's last week (those are my brandstorm teammates) and ash and i were greeted by 2 happy little boots on our front left tires. it was 10:28 pm.  what apartment parking lot boots at 10?! seriously. so i called the number to get the cars unbooted and the guy was really nice and all but as i was pressing the end button on my phone i called him an "a-hole." ...and he heard it. and he was training a little newbie booter so i was on speaker phone and the newbie heard me too. and when they showed up they thought it was funny, and said i "made their night." oh well i'm so glad i could be of service booterman and booternewbie.  anyways, i apologized for calling them "a-holes."  so classless and unladylike of me but i was a wee bit frustrated.  wait a minute, my borderline vulgarity has nothing to do with brandstorm, work, and lack of funds.  anywho, i paid this nice man $65 to kindly remove my boot (which he put on my car in the first place. what a crime).  they should have clear "bad guys," who boot you and are rude, and then different and clear "good guys," who come and save you and unboot you and have nothing to do with the initial boot so that it doesn't hurt so much when they swipe your card. sheesh.  point of the story: (brandstorm meeting x boot) + lack of funds - work hours = need to cover more shifts.

last but surely not least, speaking of being home bound... i am so excited to see my sister! my mom! my dad! and parker the dog!


my apologies

i'm sorry i'm sorry. my posting has really been pretty subpar as of late.  to be honest, i don't spend alllll my time working on brandstorm and school work.  i actually spend a decent amount of time with a boy. the first boy worth mentioning since... well, you know. and i think i'll leave it at that for now.

i was thinking about my life the other day and where i am right now, as opposed to a year ago.  i have so many things right now that i had given up.  it was my choice.  i chose that life. and i was content with that choice. but i am so very happy to have these wonderful things back in my life.  amazing roommates and friends, being at byu, studying something i love learning about, being surrounded by others who share my religious beliefs.  i gave this all up.  i didn't know if i would ever come back to byu, if i'd ever see my girlfriends again, if things would ever feel completely normal. but i look at my life now. i wouldn't change the journey i took to where i am now. but i'm happy to be here.  i feel like i'm in such a good place.  i'm busy, i'm learning, i'm figuring out how much i am capable of, i'm at peace.

so in lue of the upcoming holiday-
thank you roommates
thank you friends
thank you parents
thank you sister
thank you brothers and wives
thank you gospel
thank you byu
thank you l'oreal brandstorm
thank you teammates
thank you boythatilike

and thanks to you, for reading my rants, happy moments, concerns, pet peeves, memories, and more rants. it's fun. and therapeutic. and let's be honest. who doesn't love to talk about themselves. sheesh... get over yourself rebecca. and what's with the name anyway. every other blog has a cute little title. so self centered. yeah, i'll explain that one of these days. explain is a loose term. maybe i'll tell a little story..


treading water, egg beater style

guys. i'm still breathing. and i haven't drowned just yet, but this deluge of work for the brandstorm competition and all of my other classes has consumed my life. i have no more "me" time, and if i take any i feel guilty. win or lose, december second will be a good day.


during my 16 minute break from school work today

i pause to bring you a slightly old but brilliant video. yes, we all know lady gaga is a wiggity wack job. and her music videos are bizarre-o. however, i'll be the first to admit that i LOOVE  dancing to her songs. my recent fav is bad romance. although she's a nut and may sing songs that aren't your style (yeah, i'm talking to you dad), i think you all can appreciate this-  enjoy ma loves.


insert forest tree-dwelling indigenous girl cry here

i have a moment. 9 minutes to be exact.
first of all, i am very very very [times infinity] excited to announce that my team and i that experienced this fiasco and turned in our 10 page document was one of the five teams chosen to go to the campus finals for the l'oreal brandstorm competition. remember when i told you there was a school work monster stomping through my life and i thought he would only be there a week.. well that week turned into two weeks and as of today, bigfoot/godzilla/bearclawed-whale-on-a-pogostick-man will remain here for 3 more weeks seeing as that is when campus finals are.  from there, the winner will go to nationals.  but we're taking baby steps right now.  so needless to say, i am always doing, planning on doing, or thinking about school work (for example, right now i need to read a chapter and answer some questions for a class i'm skipping tomorrow morning to go a present a creative brief for another class, my wheels are spinning constantly for brandstorm, and i need to do some research for a new client we are working with for a different class). but i have found something i am passionate about so it's all good. however, it has made it difficult to play and sing and write music on a regular basis, but today after class i found a nice little room on campus with a beautifully tuned grand piano and i had some me time. until some boy peeked his head in and said they were holding a review session in the next room and then i got all embarrassed that they could here me and apologized and politely packed up my things and snuck away hoping their door was closed so they couldn't see me sheepishly walk by.  it also doesn't leave much time for a social life- if ya know what i mean ;) - but so far it's been good.

vague what?

whoops, 3 minutes over. oh well, linds already left without me. so i'll just go now.


harses harses harses harses

merry-go-rounds were alot more fun when i was a kid. don't get me wrong, my sister and i still ride on them; however, half the fun of a merry-go-round was waving and yelling to my parents everytime i came around the corner. "hey mom, look at me! i'm sitting on an unrealistic looking plastic horse. it's pink with a blue tale. we really going fast and far. up and down and around and around, and every time i come around the bend i'm gonna yell at you and wave, and you're gonna wave back, even though you've waved back 3 times already and i know you're not going anywhere and will still be there the next time i come around. and you'll take pictures and smile." see that was key, being in front of the camera. that made everything more fun! and this spectacle just doesn't work as well when you are 21 and your little sister is 16.  you just can't get away with the yelling, cheering, waving, bouncing up and down excitedly..  also, it doesn't help when your mom ISN'T EVEN THERE WATCHING YOU! where is mom? oh yeah. on california screamin. for the 4th time. which is why we are on the merry-go-round in the first place. that and its bathroom break for all you weak bladdered people. priorities people, priorites.

note: the story referenced is not timely at all, and actually occured on this trip

speaking of which (merry-go-rounds- not roller coaster mom's or urological needs), i really want this necklace featured on daydreamlily. it's handmade by jesophi. oh love.

also speaking of merry-go-rounds, i saw the creepiest merry-go-round the other day when i went and saw the play, "something wicked this way comes."  well, half of the play..


the hawk has flown, my brain is blown

so i passed up on going to see kid sister in concert last night because i had a huuuuge paper due today.  oh wait. today is thursday? paper is due friday....    crap.

right now i'm obsessed with the song bearing these lines:
these streets will make you feel brand new,
big lights will inspire you

oh hey provo, who are you and what have you done with the weather?!  whatever you did... keep doing it.

i'm still in the thick of a lot of work. but because my brain already turned to mush with working on the project that was due on monday (see below) i'm having a hard time keeping track of what exactly needs to be done. which is great. cause it keeps me stress free.  and like the old adage always says, stress free is the way to be..  right? no? is that not it? see. mush.

p.s. life is so good right now.


golly gee mister, what a pickle, well shucks.

this is what i was saying in my head last night as the 11:59 deadline came and went, and my team and i were still trying to send in our pre-case for a very important competition that we have poured hours, days, and lifetimes into.  but to no avail, no reformatting, no smaller sections, no different email services found success.  all in all, it was a terrible start to the first week of school. -up until this point i have felt like i have been slacking on school work... i wasn't slacking. really it's just that there wasn't much to be done. the work was there. lurking in the shadows. growing bigger, gathering more little schoolwork urchins creating a big scary behemoth schoolwork monster.  and he is stomping through my life this week- so anyways, i'm staying fairly calm about it all.  there are worse things in life right? plus, i'm hoping the good people receiving our massive, beautiful document will still accept it, and i will find time to study for an exam, and be inspired when writing up a creative brief with another team for another client, and have better success when creating a media plan and pretty book for the document we attempted to submit last night, and not die of law over-kill when reviewing the facts of a copyright/fair use case. have i mentioned that i love advertising? cause i do. 

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