you're awful, i'm awful, we're all just full of awe

i'd like to tell you all a little bit about myself. ahem. ok. i love to bake. anything. seriously. give me a recipe and i'll bake it. (no really, do it. i'm always looking for yummy new recipes).  i don't like flared nostrils. this is stemmed from watching fiddler on the roof (with heidi lynn) waaay back in the day. the third daughter who wasn't very cute would always flare her nostrils when she was singing. it bothered me.  i fill my car up with gas as soon as it hits the 1/4 of a tank left mark. i don't like letting it drop below that line. i feel like my car will putt to a stop at any moment. i don't like it when people get angry over things they shouldn't. like road rage. or bad calls in intramural games.

this one requires its own paragraph:
i love music. and it is a dream of mine to be able to sing my own songs for a crowd, and people can hear my music and relate and understand and feel something... anything... (other than 'holy yuck, that was terrible'.... but if they do. so be it. i didn't write it for them, i wrote it for me). writing and singing songs is my escape.  it is the place i can say the things i really want to say. its honest. and music moves me. and words. good words. so even though i may not a have a crowd anytime soon, i'll just keep writing, and keep singing, and keep feeling. and keep listening to things that inspire me. which is not only other artists, but people's situations, and things they say. (yeah people. i've used you. don't sweat it)
mmmk. and that, my friends, is what we in the business like to call a nutshell

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  1. i feel absolutely honored that...number 1: i get your title. number 2: i know everything about you (if that's it) because everything you wrote, i already knew. number 3: nobody will ever say holy yuck to your songs. nobody even says hold yuck. i have never heard anyone use that phrase before. maybe it's a utah thing, but if that's the case, then who cares what they think. it is what i think that matters. and i think you're great.

    and THAT is how caitlin C's it.