we should have warned you, avoid those boys and strategically sit in front of these ones in sunday school

if i had more money, wait, scratch that, if i spent my money more frivolously, there are ALOT of shows i would really really really really want to go to. but instead, i'm just spending all day long listening to ingrid's newest album. i recommend you take a listen.
if i spent my money more frivolously, wait, scratch that again, if i spent my money on a whim or even a delayed whim, i would purchase a new perfume.  i found one. that i love. and i want this smell to represent me. so every time someone smells it they go "mm. rebecca." like pavlov's dog. they'll be trained to think of me. well now that i've successfully sounded pretentious and self-centered... moving on! oh wait, there was a point to all that. and that is i can't justify buying a new perfume until i run out of my current perfume. which i've had for a really long time. cause i'm not much of a perfume wearer. but lately i've been spraying the bottle quite a bit... excessively even, just so that it will run out sooner, so i can buy my new identity. i know i know, this is a brilliant plan.

holy tangent. this is not even what i was planning on discussing with you today. sooo i guess my other thoughts can be saved for another day, another time, another era. ramble. i'm rambling.


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