sorry i parked so close, but my car just wanted to cop a feel

the other day i had the most intense craving for scallion pancakes from ollie's. a family favorite restaurant in ny we frequented often when we were living in connecticut. the truly sad thing about this is that for years my picky eating little kid self would scamper across the street with my dad to the stand on the other side and get a hot dog that had been sitting in warm water all day and pass on the delicious chinese food since it was far too advanced for my taste buds. oh young self you had so much to learn.

also i want to go to a show. oh the memories of standing in this forever long line. i would like to live in this city. for a little while anyway.
lately another craving of mine is to stay in a fancy hotel, so maybe a more feasible trip to vegas is in order.
the scallion pancakes will just have to wait.

happy weekend lovers

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