so breathe out, take it in and for now...

dear october 25th,
a year ago, you were the happiest day of my life,
today i'm left feeling confused, hurt, and a little out of sorts.
i tell myself to get a grip,
i'm supposed to be strong, be resilient,
but today... today thats hard.
you were supposed to be the one date
for the rest of my life
to celebrate
to smile as i remembered.
but now,
you are a reminder
of the loss,
of the pain,
but tomorrow will be the 26th,
and i will be strong,
and take another step forward.
away from you,
away from him,
and towards something bigger,
something better.
but today... today. today.


  1. i love you rebecca and think you are an amazing woman. you are such an example to me of staying strong and carrying on. love you.

  2. rebecca, this post is amazing. you're very talented with words! thank you for the lovely comment on my blog, it was very sweet :) you've got a new follower!!!

  3. I love you. Your open honesty is truly a gift of strength.