since we all know this is why you're here

it's that time of month again. my random thoughts. i am currently sitting in my comms 406 class- media and the first amendment. so naturally i will spend this class on my puter. 

first of all, this weekend was delightful.  general conference feels like a vacation. we [claire, lindsay and i] stayed comfy, ate yummy food, and enjoyed naps and good movies. {in other news, conference was wonderful. elder holland's talk. wow}

secondly, can i just say that i love starting my classes at byu with a prayer. its a wonderful reminder that contrary to popular belief, there are many very different people here at byu with many different backgrounds, yet what we do share is our religion, our core beliefs and guiding values.

numero tres, goodbye 4 days of fall... hello 3 years of winter. sheesh it's cold out. and this is sad, because the weather back home {in lincoln, ca} in the fall is a fabulous time of year with cool sunny weather, cute light jackets, and trips to apple hill. however, provo didn't seem to get this lovely autumn memo from good ole ca, and here we have snow in the mountains, pounding rain, and chilling wind. though knowing utah's sporadic weather, we may still get to enjoy some hours of fall here and there.

four: lindsay is a good roommate and set claire and i up with a last.fm account. and now my music will be scrobbled or bobbled, or fobbled and organized. according to them, the top artist i listen to on my computer is regina, followed by dave barnes. however, this will probably change when i hook my ipod up and it takes that into account.  anyway, be my friend. i only have 2. and then we can be fun loving music buddies.

7-2, i think we are going to be good friends:

ix say, my toosh hurts. i've been sitting on hard things too long today.

las7tly, this was boring. you must be bored. if the boredom didn't prevent you from continuing to read this and you made it all the way down here i'm sorry for the boring nature of this boreful post. what is that you say? you're not bored? well, you are kind, and a terrible liar, because i'm bored. so yeah. as long as we're all in agreement. i'll do better next time. i promise.


  1. i'm not bored, but hey i'm easily amused so that's not much of a statement. to me, you are the MOST exciting person i know. and i know a lot of people. and hey, another thing we have in common other than genes, and dreams, and other theengs, we both only have 2wo friends. so, i have a proposition to make. let's be friends. :) cuz you're my best. alright. sorry for you boring you with my boring response to your "boring" blog post on your "boring" blog.

  2. p.s. i love that picture. you're so cute! ahh she said i'm cuudde!