she wasn't angry, maybe possessed. either way sorry about the pumpkin guts

so i was cleaning my room the other day and the tv was on. a commercial for an antidepression drug came on. you know the one, it has that sad soft music playing in the background, that concerned woman's voice asking you if you're feeling sad, or alone. her voice is so full of empathy you just want to sob into her shoulder. and i'm thinking, anyone who wasn't already depressed is now officially melancholy. good work antidepressant drug commercial. good work.

annnd moving on.. i got my very first credit card in the mail today. welcome to adulthood rebecca. so now i'm nervous that just by having it in my wallet i'm all of the sudden going to have debt and interest rates gouging me for all of my hard earned money. (ok maybe not that hard earned seeing as i am writing this while sitting at work) but let's be honest, my parents have taught me well. i promise to not spend any money i don't have. you are all my witnesses. 

which reminds me of the time when i was 9(?) years old and i wrote on the back of an envelope, "i promise to not be a brat when i'm a teenager" and i gave it to my mom. yeeeaaahhh, that worked out well. j.kid j.kid. my mom and i are best friends. hi mom!

um, have you ever felt like you were stuck in a rut? yeah, that's what i thought. the thing is i'm happy, enjoying life, learning, experiencing, living, but something feels stuck. and i know what it is. and i know what i should do to get out of it. but it's a rut. and it's not easy to get out of. gah. i just need to DO IT. and stop planning on it, but just do it. so wish me luck!

in conclusion, go cougars, go ingrid, go to church, go family, go on a walk, go go go.


  1. thank you for the title reference to my little episode last night.

  2. I think I know what you mean by feeling stuck. I have yet to really figure it out either. hmm. oh well. here's to growing up..

  3. growing up is overrated. and I'm glad I found your blog. You make me laugh. good title by the way:)