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i typically skip my morning class on mondays and wednesdays.  i do go on occasion. today was not one of those days.  because i have some rather important homework for my 1 o'clock class that i didn't quite finish over my nice long weekend. so i should be doing that right now. alas, i am here, in my happy place.
ok so i went and saw ingrid michaelson on saturday. holy amazing. i love her. she is a fabulous performer. sounds AMAZING live, very interactive with the audience, and just an all around gem. it was inspirational. and seeing as i have finished quite a few songs of my own, i'm thinking its about time i started performing a few of them. open mic night, here i come.
as great as the show was, it was a little difficult. her first album, girls and boys, i associate with a time in my life when i listened to this album day in and day out. it was two years ago. i was a sophomore in college, in love with a man i was dating long distance, but even though we were apart, that love grew everyday. hearing these songs again, and live, so full of emotion, made me miss him, made me hurt again.
bleh. sorry. i feel like this has been coming up alot lately.  but i've been feeling it alot lately.  it is probably not wise to read the journal entries from the months of the demise of that relationship. but they are just so beautifully depressing.  i'm so glad that i captured those raw, true feelings in writing. whatever i was supposed to learn from that experience (since i'm still learning and growing) i'll always have that reference and i won't ever forget. and hopefully, that reminder will make me better, stronger, (harder, faster... hah. j.kid. that was daft punk reference just to clear up any confusion for those of you thinking i wanted to build muscle and run quicker... man i loved that song freshman year. looooved it.)
i'ma thinking i should listen to it right now. maybe it will help me gain some inspiration for the position statements i should be writing. annnd break!

p.s. i am not liking any of my font options these days. sooo i may be playing around with code coming up here in the future. you have been warned

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