late night wanderings down memory lane

when i was four:
  • my nightgown was a daddy-sized shirt with a bladder on it
  • my upside-down trike was an ice cream machine
  • every monday night we had family home believaning
  • my best friend's number was 542-0772
  • i wanted a dog (they say they're man's best friend) but i got a sister (which truly is a girl's best friend)
  • i had a dream i got a doll and put it in the closet for safekeeping, but when i woke up and went to get her, she was gone
  • i went to the top of the arch
  • i accomplished my most heroic act of being lifted through an open window to unlock the front door so my mom could get a spare key to unlock her car to save my sister who was trapped inside (this may have been a dream though... but i remember it very vividly) 
  • i was a blond with a crooked smile
what do you remember?


  1. everytime I read your blog, you make me smile.

    Loved your image of being lifted to an open window. It's true I locked Caitlin in the car, while it was running, but thankfully, in St. Louis, the police gladly break into your car to rescue a child.

    Your weren't there - but in pre-school with McKenzie. Darn...i liked your story much better.

    The second time, I locked her in the house in Connecticut as all the cubscouts were leaving to go home. She was in her highchair happily eating a brownie. She was fine until the firemen looked in the window at her and she started to scream. You, Jeremy and Sam loved it because you got to sit in the giant fire truck.

    Children have the best fantasies and imaginations.

  2. I remember when we would use those green and pink blankets as capes.
    I remember when we sniffed The Stinky Finger
    I remember when we were choreographers
    I remember when you were In love with...a series of boys.
    I remember when everything you had had stars on it
    I remember when we made movies "These people, they bang on walls...they are...the wall...bangers"
    I remember when we slung the huge piece of underwear fabric across Gwen's ceiling.
    I remember when we were Danielle and Marguerite "These are my mothers!" "Yes...and she's dead"
    I remember when we grew up together. Remember that?

  3. mom, just got off the phone with dad. the st. louis rescue was verified by dad. it wasn't a dream that i saved caitlin's life. legit.