is it time? no i don't think it's time. not yet.

you know how older people always say "my mother always said.." or "my dad always told me.." well i have a few things my parents used to say to me that i know i will say to my children-

"don't get wise bubble eyes, understand rubberband, cause i'm the boss apple sauce."
"i give you the moon and you want the stars"
"what did you learn today"
"good night, sleep tight, wake up bright, choose the right with all your might, and don't let the bed bugs bite"
"you don't deserve anything; everything you receive you've either earned or is a gift"

and most importantly,
"i love you"


  1. cute! love these! my mom always had super weird saying for when we would get in the car. And I actually catch myself saying them as I get in the car with friends haha. Guess I really am turning into my mother

  2. Haha! That last one is perfect. I am going to use it.

  3. i've always known "good night, sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite" but i've never heard of putting "choose the right with all your might" in there- i LOVE that. i don't think i'll ever say it the old way again!