identity crisis much?

i forgot to mention one line my mom used to say to me that if i have daughters i will most definitely use-
"it hurts to be beautiful"
i was mainly told this in the mornings when my hair was being curled, brushed, braided, blow-dried, and probably anytime my mom was touching my hair. man, i'm such a whiner.  well... my hair is doing the whining these days.

my hair said to me today, "who am i." i didn't have a response.  my hair has been in an identity crisis since it was 15 years of age. that's a looooong crisis. poor baby. so i've made a decision (as i've done many times before) but i feel the need to document this one so i will actually stick to it.  i want to give a gift to my hair. i want to give it its identity back. no more bleach, no more dye. however, to accomplish this gianormous task of growing out my natural color completely means the hair will lose one of its identities... its length. but seriously... the fastest way to get the color out is to cut it out!! ahhhhhh. i had a bob slash some sort of pixie cut all growing up and let me tell you, it never looked good. so some big decisions will need to be made in the coming months. i know this is incredibly in advance but oh well, you and me and the little locks can consider themselves warned.


  1. I have a really cute picture I found of shorter hair. It's not super short but a really cute cut. If you want to see it let me know.