claire has said two really funny things recently i would write right here if they both didn't have to do with a lack of clothing

the last time i dressed up for halloween or even a halloween party was when i was in middle school. middle school.  people, it's been like 10 years. ok almost 10 years. ok 8 years. since 8th grade, i have always had a big assignment due the very next day or am uninterested in the parties or busy or whatnot. but i've decided it's time to make some changes in my life, so this year i will be wearing not one, but two costumes. one for tomorrow (i was reprimanded by my supervisor slash lindsay when i told her i would not be dressing up for the work party tomorrow) and one for halloween. and guess what guys, i'm excited!!!


  1. The last time I dressed up for halloween was 7 years ago, which kind of makes me sad. And I didn't dress up for halloween this year either. I have promised myself that I will dress up next year - which I've done for the past 3 years in a row - so I've also promised myself that I will keep to my promise. It will happen! What did you dress up as in the end?