under the stars... and a hoop

claire always wants to sleep outside. and usually we all talk her out of it cause it's dangerous for a little girl to sleep outside on her own. however, last week her odd desire overcame me, and ma[ris]a and i joined her. needless to say, it was amazing. and i want to sleep outside all the time now. and we would be out there again tonight even with classes in the morning and all that jazz. alas, the rainstorms are beginning tonight. so its really ok, cause even though i can't sleep outside, i LOVE the rain. but more than the rain, i love fall! so once the rain passes i'm hoping that we will officially be in the midst of that cool crisp air. the kind where every time you breathe in you think of being at college football games, freshly sharpened no.2 pencils, the changing colors of the leaves, and birthdays.

on another note, let it be known that I LOVE BYU FOOTBALL! i love that they are ranked number sev7en in the nation, and i love that the home opener is this week!!! i also love that ris and i are the only ONE true fans and will be front row all season long.

-lalalove to you all


  1. front row? seriously? how. you must tell me more.

  2. nothing fancy... there are just the two of us, and we are short, and unobtrusive... so we plan on walking to the front every time. so maybe its a more broad term of front row.. like, not the actual front row, but a very close to the front row. either way, it will probably be better than the seats we are technically assigned to.