this will make me sound like a terrible person

i'm well aware of the possible ramifications of what i'm about to say. so naturally i am going to paint myself in the best picture possible and try to explain my slip. but let's be honest, thinking that i'm a terrible jerk makes the story a heck of a lot funnier.

set up: claire is facey stalking a boy; i am observing and sharing my encouraging approval of his attractiveness and telling claire she should "go for it"

claire: this boy is sooo cute. i love his eyes. blah blah blah.
me: you should totally go for him. just do it. seriously claire, blah blah blah
claire: yeah, but he doesn't really hang out with girls like me
me: oh... are they like... pretty
claire and me: bahahahahahaha. blah blah blah

ok, now that i sounded like a terrible friend i must say that came out all wrong. yeah ya think. so in my head i'm thinking, "yeah, this guy probably hangs out with really superficial girls, who have perfect hair, and perfect outfits, and perfect little smiles, and little friends, and their life is just super fun and totally awesome and just, like, perfect." some how that translated into- pretty. whoopsie.

for the record. claire is very pretty. and not a nerd. and basically one of the funniest, sweetest little ladies i know. which is why i love her.

k. have i redeemed myself yet? cause this is officially too long.

i'm out.



  1. hello everybody...
    this was the first 16 years of my 16 year long life. haha
    but i still love you sister!!! that was hilarious! and can i just say, i love you claire. just go for it!!! :)