shame on us

why do we allow ourselves to listen to incredibly poorly written songs. oh right, the beat is catchy. i'm guilty, you're guilty. but honestly people, we've got to pull it together. no more supporting this insult to our intelligence. ok? ok.

let's just look at a few examples, shall we?

jordin sparks- "one step at a time, there's no need to rush, it's like learning to fly, or falling in love."
yeah, last time i learned how to fly that proved to be really difficult. the whole, lack of wings thing, oh and gravity.  my sister and i tried replacing this verb so it made a bit more sense, but we decided it was just as preposterous to "learn how to cry," or "hide." maybe ms. sparks's songwriters should "learn how to rhyme." 

and then there was this little gem.

black eyed peas- "i spent my time just thinkin thinkin thinkin bout you, every single day yes i'm really missin missin you, and all those things we used to used to used to do, hey girl wuz up wuz up wuz up wuz up."
ok, seriously this is this is this is just absurd. i'm at a loss for words. i don't even even know. i'll just keep repeating peating words to fill up space. is it working? am i tricking you? phew... i think that was a success.


  1. not onlu that, but have you noticed that the top 5 songs on the radio are somewhat remakes of other songs? Ya, there goes originality

  2. haha i just laughed outloud at that. and i'm in the computer lab.

  3. want some good lyrics to soothe your weary mind....read the lyrics to filthy by Elysia...

  4. you never learned to fly? it's supposed to be poetic, it's a song.