i flew over the cuckoo's nest

i went a little crazy last night.
typically i'm known for being the most sane (aka level-headed, aka boring) one of my friends. course, when you put me next to marisa, claire, (and occasionally lindsay) this is not a difficult feat to accomplish.
however, last night, i lost my marbles.

this was due to the fact that having gone through a recent breakup (which i realize i have never really directly addressed on here), there are certain conversations i just can't handle. and he wanted to talk about this particular topic. i don't. probably because it is directly related to the demise of our relationship. so for whatever reason, my frustration translated into crazy person which turned into freak sideshow entertainment for my loving roommates. and you know how people always say "oh thank goodness for so-and-so, they keep me sane." well this was not the case last night. thank goodness for those girls who encouraged my craziness and let it run its course and by no means tried to coax me back to sanity.

thank goodness for girlfriends who are there when love gets messy. cause it does. plain and simple. but we're here for each other. because that's what friends are for. in good times. and bad times. i'll be on your side foreverrr moooooooore. ok... that just kicked me back to 8th grade graduation. we totally had to sing that song. it was quaint.

ok class, what have we learned here today.
1. be friends with crazy people. they are way more fun.
2. love is messy (any one who tells you its easy is selling something)
3. the mcdonalds dollar menu is surprisingly cheap
4. s club 7 is the answer to all your problems
5. yelling helps too


  1. and throwing ice cubes at the wall!

    i love you becca.

    are you saying im not crazy in the first part? i sure hope so.

  2. How could such an hija loca come from such well adjusted parents. I know that I have never done anything weird in my lifetime. I guess the cumquat does fall far from the bush.

  3. ya girl! i know crazy. i was proud of you :)

  4. you are so funny. love is the messiest thing I've experienced. even more than a chili dawg from training table.

  5. S club 7 is always the answer. And you were pretty crazy back in the day, what changed and made you level-headed?