cute to boot


"are you afraid of birds or something? well whatever
the case, it was cute. do you live on N7th too? We 
could hang out."

i love these paintings by sophie blackall. they are her interpretation of people's postings on craigslist's missed connections section, where people can reach out to strangers they came in contact with.  as an aspiring copywriter in the advertising world, i'm a sucker for artwork with good copy. it moves me in ways paintings don't on their own.

shame on us

why do we allow ourselves to listen to incredibly poorly written songs. oh right, the beat is catchy. i'm guilty, you're guilty. but honestly people, we've got to pull it together. no more supporting this insult to our intelligence. ok? ok.

let's just look at a few examples, shall we?

jordin sparks- "one step at a time, there's no need to rush, it's like learning to fly, or falling in love."
yeah, last time i learned how to fly that proved to be really difficult. the whole, lack of wings thing, oh and gravity.  my sister and i tried replacing this verb so it made a bit more sense, but we decided it was just as preposterous to "learn how to cry," or "hide." maybe ms. sparks's songwriters should "learn how to rhyme." 

and then there was this little gem.

black eyed peas- "i spent my time just thinkin thinkin thinkin bout you, every single day yes i'm really missin missin you, and all those things we used to used to used to do, hey girl wuz up wuz up wuz up wuz up."
ok, seriously this is this is this is just absurd. i'm at a loss for words. i don't even even know. i'll just keep repeating peating words to fill up space. is it working? am i tricking you? phew... i think that was a success.



they told me i would have trust issues. i always said i wouldn’t have issues with trusting men, just issues with trusting one. i trusted one with my heart. and it was broken. the heart. the trust.

i don’t know if i have trust issues, but i’m definitely having issues. i was always a relationship kind of girl. it’s my comfort zone, my happy place. i like feeling that surety of having someone. someone who will be there for me, someone that i can give my attention and affection to.

i've been single for awhile now. and i must say i’m really not a fan. i’d like to not be single, but this is where the issues come in. there needs to be a guy for there to be a relationship. and i don’t have me one of those. and i don’t know how this whole system works.

i like a guy who doesn’t know i exist. what do i do. i like spending time with a guy but don’t know if i want to date him. what do i do. i like a guy who sees me as just a friend. what do i do. i don’t want to go on a date with that guy. what do i do. i want to go on a date with that guy. what do i do. cause seriously folks, i simply don’t have these answers.

i’m lost. and i’m just waiting for it to be easy. can it just be easy and make sense. that would be nice. and while i’m asking the universe for an intervention of easy love, can i also ask for one for claire and linds while you’re at it. cause it would be mighty nice if we were all dating and happy and just had the whole kit and caboodle.
it would just be swell.

p.s. two things not worth mentioning: i wrote this at 2:40 am; and i wrote it in a word document, which went through and auto capitalized a bunch of words....so i went through and one by one uncapitalized them. ocd much?

p.p.s. in response to claire's comment and other possible confusion- those all may or may not be hypothetical situations.
(paper tissue)


this will make me sound like a terrible person

i'm well aware of the possible ramifications of what i'm about to say. so naturally i am going to paint myself in the best picture possible and try to explain my slip. but let's be honest, thinking that i'm a terrible jerk makes the story a heck of a lot funnier.

set up: claire is facey stalking a boy; i am observing and sharing my encouraging approval of his attractiveness and telling claire she should "go for it"

claire: this boy is sooo cute. i love his eyes. blah blah blah.
me: you should totally go for him. just do it. seriously claire, blah blah blah
claire: yeah, but he doesn't really hang out with girls like me
me: oh... are they like... pretty
claire and me: bahahahahahaha. blah blah blah

ok, now that i sounded like a terrible friend i must say that came out all wrong. yeah ya think. so in my head i'm thinking, "yeah, this guy probably hangs out with really superficial girls, who have perfect hair, and perfect outfits, and perfect little smiles, and little friends, and their life is just super fun and totally awesome and just, like, perfect." some how that translated into- pretty. whoopsie.

for the record. claire is very pretty. and not a nerd. and basically one of the funniest, sweetest little ladies i know. which is why i love her.

k. have i redeemed myself yet? cause this is officially too long.

i'm out.



the longest year of my life is officially over

365 days of
(joy) (sorrow) (worry) (tears) (bliss) (heartbreak) (peace) (happiness) (heartache) (love)

so to all those who are experiencing this mishmash of emotions

but for now, let's celebrate

(daydreamlily & design*sponge)


all in the family

(me {michelle&sam} (mom&dad) [alexandria&jeremy] caitlin)

(success- the things i have to do to ensure my parent's pay attention to me, the poor middle child)

{sisters aka best friends}

[love, the andersons]

photos by maryann bever


i flew over the cuckoo's nest

i went a little crazy last night.
typically i'm known for being the most sane (aka level-headed, aka boring) one of my friends. course, when you put me next to marisa, claire, (and occasionally lindsay) this is not a difficult feat to accomplish.
however, last night, i lost my marbles.

this was due to the fact that having gone through a recent breakup (which i realize i have never really directly addressed on here), there are certain conversations i just can't handle. and he wanted to talk about this particular topic. i don't. probably because it is directly related to the demise of our relationship. so for whatever reason, my frustration translated into crazy person which turned into freak sideshow entertainment for my loving roommates. and you know how people always say "oh thank goodness for so-and-so, they keep me sane." well this was not the case last night. thank goodness for those girls who encouraged my craziness and let it run its course and by no means tried to coax me back to sanity.

thank goodness for girlfriends who are there when love gets messy. cause it does. plain and simple. but we're here for each other. because that's what friends are for. in good times. and bad times. i'll be on your side foreverrr moooooooore. ok... that just kicked me back to 8th grade graduation. we totally had to sing that song. it was quaint.

ok class, what have we learned here today.
1. be friends with crazy people. they are way more fun.
2. love is messy (any one who tells you its easy is selling something)
3. the mcdonalds dollar menu is surprisingly cheap
4. s club 7 is the answer to all your problems
5. yelling helps too


under the stars... and a hoop

claire always wants to sleep outside. and usually we all talk her out of it cause it's dangerous for a little girl to sleep outside on her own. however, last week her odd desire overcame me, and ma[ris]a and i joined her. needless to say, it was amazing. and i want to sleep outside all the time now. and we would be out there again tonight even with classes in the morning and all that jazz. alas, the rainstorms are beginning tonight. so its really ok, cause even though i can't sleep outside, i LOVE the rain. but more than the rain, i love fall! so once the rain passes i'm hoping that we will officially be in the midst of that cool crisp air. the kind where every time you breathe in you think of being at college football games, freshly sharpened no.2 pencils, the changing colors of the leaves, and birthdays.

on another note, let it be known that I LOVE BYU FOOTBALL! i love that they are ranked number sev7en in the nation, and i love that the home opener is this week!!! i also love that ris and i are the only ONE true fans and will be front row all season long.

-lalalove to you all


in awhile crocodile

yikes. where have i been?
i thought about posting on the first day of school,
but everyone else did.
so it really wasn't necessary.
sometimes when i'm feeling lazy i just want to put a link in here that sends you to a friend's blog and say
"yup, that's pretty much the gist of it."
how boring would that be though?
probably only a smidge more boring than this already is.
the reason i haven't posted for awhile is because i haven't had anything to say...
apparently this is still the case.
i'll call it quits for now.

oh, i miss my chapstick.
it's at home. on my dresser.
i wish it was by my side here at work.
ok, annnd i'm done.
(chair via sarah lynn)