PICK me up before you go go

don't you just hate getting letdown texts? especially when you are really bored at work? and your phone goes off and you get all excited but really its just a reminder for a meeting, or a mass text, or from someone that wouldn't be one of your top picks to hear from (i assure you, none of you fall into this category... you're all in my top picks).

anyway, one early morning and 5 letdown texts later, i decided this required a blog post. because blog posting is one of my pick-me-up cures for letdown ails.

other pick-me-up-cures include:

- chocolate (obviously)
- loudly singing along to songs in my car with the windows down (especially when i'm doing 80 coming back from salt lake at 11 at night and its 78 degrees outside and the wind is whipping my hair around and i can smell the summer air)
- reading your blogs (and for those of you who don't have one, your comments)
- a really good book (the current read is the great divorce by c.s. lewis)
- cute things (yeah, this is vague. so what. deal with it.)
- finding new songs that i become obsessed with (see below)
- and you! (so text me dagnabit)

lalalove to you all

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  1. also obsessed with the song...but you forgot one thing: dancing!!