i wish i was asleep right now

it's three oh nine in the a.m.
i can't sleep. obviously.
so while i'm at it, here are some
of the things in my head.

my new life motto- j.k.i.c.r. [fondly pronounced, jakicker]
i like my men like i like my turkey sandwiches... hot
3 words, 2 spellings, 2 pronunciations, 1 word uses one word's way of spelling and the other word's pronunciation. huh? [dessert, desert, desert(ed)]
i abhor blue ink
oh yeah, you, yeah you, what are you waiting for

mmk. that's all for now folks. stay tuned for attempt at sleep take 2
it is now thr3ee twe2nty o1ne in the marning.


  1. worst time to be awake when you want to be asleep. Love you. Call me today.


  2. J.K.I.C.R??

    just kiss infantile crouton receipts?
    just kidding, i'm crying raisins?
    jerks kill inside creamy roads?
    jesus kittens in claire russell?
    jay kay iay cay ray?
    just kidding, its claire russell!!