i spoke too soon

my father likes to call facebook facadebook. as much as i love facey, he's right.

so while my facebook will continue to paint a pretty picture, i'm not going to let this become just another avenue to smile on the out when i'm frowning on the in. i realize some of you prefer that painting, and if you don't like the art, you don't want to look at it, comment on it, and would rather ignore it. it may seem uncomfortable or like i should keep it to myself, but that's just not how it is going to be. that's not what this blog is about.
all in all, i'm not having a great day.

it's one of those days where i feel inadequate. i feel immature. i feel weak. i feel young. i feel foolish.

i don't need someone to tell me this isn't true. i know its not. but today, that's how i feel.

i know i should get over it. just suck it up and be strong. i know i need to be more humble and have greater faith. i know the only reason i am where i am is because of the Lord. and He has given me everything and more.

so it will all be ok. it always is.

the end.


  1. we all have those days. love you!

  2. I'm sorry that you have had a bad day. It is a rare possesion to have insight toward your own flaws; yet, those without it never really change.
    I love you,

  3. i think we all need to be more honest with others...and more so with ourselves. rock on, and rock out.