give me a penny, here are some thoughts

first of all, what happened to the costco cookies? they used to be so good! and now they are so mediocre.

secondly, running isn't getting any funner (yeah, not a word. i'm over it. you should be too). and i don't like the book on tape i've been listening to (sorry brent), but that could be due to the fact that i associate it with running. maybe i should give music a try for awhile.

lastly, contrary to my initial judgement, the busted pumpkin on the side of the road was not pumpkin but was in fact what appeared to be former cheese fries, that apparently did not enjoy its new residence in the consumer's stomach (this is another reason why i should go on runs).

ok, enough negativity.

i'm happy as a clam, can't wait to go to s.d. with the fam, and uber stoked for football and my final year at byu to start.

loves- R.


  1. Woohoo being seniors!

    Remember how when we met, we were freshman? When did we get this old?

  2. 1- Maybe you are the one who has changed, not the cookies.

    2- Running is overrated. So are books. And tapes.

    3- EW.

  3. mission bay -sand -mexican food-temple-disney-snerts-scooters-kites-boogie boards-books-music-waves crashing-night sky on the beach-walks on the beach- runs on the beach-shells on the beach-2 brothers -2 sisinlaws-2 sisters-1 mama-1 dada. Life is Good.