embarrassing. period.

i debated whether or not to share this story... cause who knows when people i work with venture onto my blog. oh well. here goes.

ok, so lindsay and i are at work. sitting a couple computers away from each other. she walks to her desk and sits down and asks me if we want to go to this guy[who we work with]'s house for a party tonight. i say, "yeah" all chipper, thrilled at the idea of doing something fun tonight because the alternative would be trying to come up with something good to distract myself from what else was or was not going on tonight (but that's a different story for a different day). anyway, linds asks what that was all about so i open up an inter-office chat screen to send a message to her. so we briefly start talking about the guy who is hosting the party and i say to lindsay, "yeah he super cute and way nice."
i hear nothing back from her.
then i get an incoming message.

(work guy): umm... what?
(me- to linds): bahahahahahahahahahahahahaa!! i think i just sent that message to him.
(me- to work guy): haha. umm. sorry. wrong person

sheesh. awkward. i'm a mess. i knew that was gonna happen. i hate that inter-office chat. since it doesn't keep a running stream of conversation you have to click on the person every time you want to send them a message. anywho, there is no stinking way he is thinking i'm talking about anyone else. there was a little more in the initial message i sent in which i think i referenced the party. so yeah. no doubt. awkward.

and yet totally awesome. i love my life.


  1. I'm sure he is honored, rebecca, that you could say that about him. i mean, maybe if you were a weirdo who loves harry potter and casts spells on your sister or a girl who has weird dance parties alone in her apartment, or a person who sings to her cat and tells her, "use your words" when she is meowing at the door, then maybe he wouldn't be honored. but that is definitely not you so you're safe. love you sis!

  2. oh gosh...biggest fear ever.
    or sending the wrong email to the wrong person.
    or even text.
    although...that is quite a hilarious story. ohhh the adventures of singledom