abandoned dream, abandoned house


linds and i went on a crazy house hunt; however, reality set in and we decided to abandon this dream of ours. but since i was getting all crazy excited about change of scene, decorating, and all that jazz, there are now some things that i feel are necessary to update our fabulous apartment (our search helped us realize how much we really do love our place).

in my room
• a bookshelf
• a cute, comfy chair
• curtains

in the living room
• a love sac(?)
• a tv(?)
• or simply a rearranging of furniture

in the kitchen
• a lamp over the table
yup. that'll do it.


  1. a love sac will be a perfect addition to any house...as will be a cute, comfy chair. just whatever you do, don't go to anthro, because you will fall in love with ALL the cute, comfy chairs.

  2. a house is a house, but home is where your MOM is. Remember that dear little one. I miss you and love, love, LOVE you.