i wish i was asleep right now

it's three oh nine in the a.m.
i can't sleep. obviously.
so while i'm at it, here are some
of the things in my head.

my new life motto- j.k.i.c.r. [fondly pronounced, jakicker]
i like my men like i like my turkey sandwiches... hot
3 words, 2 spellings, 2 pronunciations, 1 word uses one word's way of spelling and the other word's pronunciation. huh? [dessert, desert, desert(ed)]
i abhor blue ink
oh yeah, you, yeah you, what are you waiting for

mmk. that's all for now folks. stay tuned for attempt at sleep take 2
it is now thr3ee twe2nty o1ne in the marning.


a female wolf is partying through the u.s. of a

so claire returned and is obsessed with two songs,
so naturally she played them for me,
and of course i didn't think i would like them,
however, i danced my little heart out.

there are no whales

too confused about my feelings to put in to words what i'm feeling

(but does it float)


to do to day

bed bath and beyond
social security office
submit portfolio 4
request final exam
finish my book
update ipod
pay tuition

so if you are oot and aboot in p-town you may just see me driving all over it


home again

home. hmm. i call provo home, and i call lincoln home. either way, i'm happy to be home.

san diego was a dream. it was a joy being able to reconnect with family and get to know our newest additions better. love them all.

i went to the happiest place on earth, and while incredibly happy while there, i returned to the beach house a sickly child. although i was still able to enjoy the remainder of the trip and the cold has somewhat subsided, my lingering cough is, well, lingering.

on a happier slash maybe not so happy once i get overloaded with schoolwork note,
this is the last week of summer!

i'm gonna make the most of it.



late night walks on the beach, attempting to look seductive in pictures, succeeding at taking repulsive ones, days spent reading books, naps on the beach, floating on the boogie board, jumping over waves waiting for bigger better ones to come, catching the perfect wave and riding it all the way in, grabbing the board and bookin it back out there for more, spitting out the salt water...alot, eating food non-stop, playing games games games, watching movies, riding bikes.
rinse and repeat


embarrassing. period.

i debated whether or not to share this story... cause who knows when people i work with venture onto my blog. oh well. here goes.

ok, so lindsay and i are at work. sitting a couple computers away from each other. she walks to her desk and sits down and asks me if we want to go to this guy[who we work with]'s house for a party tonight. i say, "yeah" all chipper, thrilled at the idea of doing something fun tonight because the alternative would be trying to come up with something good to distract myself from what else was or was not going on tonight (but that's a different story for a different day). anyway, linds asks what that was all about so i open up an inter-office chat screen to send a message to her. so we briefly start talking about the guy who is hosting the party and i say to lindsay, "yeah he super cute and way nice."
i hear nothing back from her.
then i get an incoming message.

(work guy): umm... what?
(me- to linds): bahahahahahahahahahahahahaa!! i think i just sent that message to him.
(me- to work guy): haha. umm. sorry. wrong person

sheesh. awkward. i'm a mess. i knew that was gonna happen. i hate that inter-office chat. since it doesn't keep a running stream of conversation you have to click on the person every time you want to send them a message. anywho, there is no stinking way he is thinking i'm talking about anyone else. there was a little more in the initial message i sent in which i think i referenced the party. so yeah. no doubt. awkward.

and yet totally awesome. i love my life.


i spoke too soon

my father likes to call facebook facadebook. as much as i love facey, he's right.

so while my facebook will continue to paint a pretty picture, i'm not going to let this become just another avenue to smile on the out when i'm frowning on the in. i realize some of you prefer that painting, and if you don't like the art, you don't want to look at it, comment on it, and would rather ignore it. it may seem uncomfortable or like i should keep it to myself, but that's just not how it is going to be. that's not what this blog is about.
all in all, i'm not having a great day.

it's one of those days where i feel inadequate. i feel immature. i feel weak. i feel young. i feel foolish.

i don't need someone to tell me this isn't true. i know its not. but today, that's how i feel.

i know i should get over it. just suck it up and be strong. i know i need to be more humble and have greater faith. i know the only reason i am where i am is because of the Lord. and He has given me everything and more.

so it will all be ok. it always is.

the end.


give me a penny, here are some thoughts

first of all, what happened to the costco cookies? they used to be so good! and now they are so mediocre.

secondly, running isn't getting any funner (yeah, not a word. i'm over it. you should be too). and i don't like the book on tape i've been listening to (sorry brent), but that could be due to the fact that i associate it with running. maybe i should give music a try for awhile.

lastly, contrary to my initial judgement, the busted pumpkin on the side of the road was not pumpkin but was in fact what appeared to be former cheese fries, that apparently did not enjoy its new residence in the consumer's stomach (this is another reason why i should go on runs).

ok, enough negativity.

i'm happy as a clam, can't wait to go to s.d. with the fam, and uber stoked for football and my final year at byu to start.

loves- R.


read my lips

i highly recommend that you go read the latest two posts on my parent's blog. they make me smile. and it is obvious that times are no longer tough right now. it is what it is... and it's happy.


dear travis

remember when we first met? in 2001?
remember the man who introduced us?
remember how much i loved you?
remember how i lost you, forgot about you, was unfaithful to you for years?
remember the joyous reunion we had today?

sorry its been 5 years since i've heard from you
sorry i don't know anything that's been going on in your life lately

glad to have you back
glad that you were still there, the invisible band, lurking in the depths of my old hard drive.
glad that i'ma put you on my ipod right where you belong

abandoned dream, abandoned house


linds and i went on a crazy house hunt; however, reality set in and we decided to abandon this dream of ours. but since i was getting all crazy excited about change of scene, decorating, and all that jazz, there are now some things that i feel are necessary to update our fabulous apartment (our search helped us realize how much we really do love our place).

in my room
• a bookshelf
• a cute, comfy chair
• curtains

in the living room
• a love sac(?)
• a tv(?)
• or simply a rearranging of furniture

in the kitchen
• a lamp over the table
yup. that'll do it.


PICK me up before you go go

don't you just hate getting letdown texts? especially when you are really bored at work? and your phone goes off and you get all excited but really its just a reminder for a meeting, or a mass text, or from someone that wouldn't be one of your top picks to hear from (i assure you, none of you fall into this category... you're all in my top picks).

anyway, one early morning and 5 letdown texts later, i decided this required a blog post. because blog posting is one of my pick-me-up cures for letdown ails.

other pick-me-up-cures include:

- chocolate (obviously)
- loudly singing along to songs in my car with the windows down (especially when i'm doing 80 coming back from salt lake at 11 at night and its 78 degrees outside and the wind is whipping my hair around and i can smell the summer air)
- reading your blogs (and for those of you who don't have one, your comments)
- a really good book (the current read is the great divorce by c.s. lewis)
- cute things (yeah, this is vague. so what. deal with it.)
- finding new songs that i become obsessed with (see below)
- and you! (so text me dagnabit)

lalalove to you all