undefeated, minus the un

so we played our last softball game last night, and it's official, we never won a single game. i'm having flashbacks to fall semester of freshman year of college, when we played on an all-girl flag football team, full of little, somewhat athletic girls, with no male coaches (or any coaches for that matter) and zero fans. it was kinda a chore.
this is so not that case with softball. i had a BLAST playing. except when tyler and doug had a yelling match with the refs and some dude from the other team. haha (the refs were totally wrong though) but seriously folks, i was impressed with us. watching us you would never be able to tell that we really lost every single game. but we lost in style, and put up a really good fight...when we didn't lose by the mercy rule. at least we looked good...extra points for being the best looking team on the field!
truly, i feel like we won ever game. i just had so much fun! woo. good times.
so hammertime, here's to next year! (too bad none of us will be here by then. maybe ray. oh, nope, actually ray won't be here either)

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