quit that dilly dallying

i do not like running. but guess what. i did it. this morning. and sadly, i can't really be proud of that fact because i feel like it's totally worthless unless i keep it up. oh what have i done...

it's not even that i don't like it cause i'm not in shape. i still didn't like it when i was playing 3 sports year round. put me on a track, a sidewalk, a trail, a road, and tell me to run, and i'll give you the look of death (i'm sure you're all familiar with that look... sorry bout that). but at age 15 and younger aka- when i was "in shape" put a field hockey stick, lacrosse stick, or basketball in my hands and tell me to run and i could run all day long...or at least til we won the game.

i think i just don't have the discipline for distance running. but seeing as i don't eat enough veggies or fruit or get enough protein or vitamins and i work in front of a computer all day... the least i can do is run a measly few miles every day right?

the key is finding a good book on tape cause then i'll get so into the story that i'll completely forget that i'm running, which i think i have found. but i'm way to embarrassed to admit what it's called. speaking of embarrassing books, i just started reading "the tale of beetle and the bard." it's a book that is from one of the harry potter books. it's cute. if you liked the books (alot) then you'll appreciate this little book of wizarding fairy tales.

too many of my post have had something to with harry potter lately. i really need to cut it out!

p.s. i just realized that is pretty pathetic that the last time i consider myself in shape was 6 years ago. and i take that back, i wasn't in shape, i was just running alot. dancing kept me in great shape so i really can't complain. oh and good genes and fast metabolism help too. man, i hope that never slows down.

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  1. I'm about ready to get back in shape now that Kevin is 5 weeks, but dreading how difficult it will be to start running after a 10 month break. Please let me know the name of that embarrassing book on tape because I have a hard time with audio books - I'm too picky about the narrators.
    P.S. I love that you called it a "book on tape" because I always say that and then worry that it makes me sound old.