i'm going to try and keep this from going too long. i personally don't like reading long blog posts. but if you aren't averse to that..no sweat.

often when you listen to people reflecting on their childhood and times with family they will relate funny stories or exciting moments they shared together. as i have reflected on my 20 years and the experiences i have had a very certain word came to mind. the interesting thing was that as fathers day recently passed i racked my brain to find the right word to describe my father...because i was unable to come up with the right word i didn't post a blog in honor of this day. i know i know, i'm a terrible daughter. anyway, i found the right word. my dad is profound, and the experiences i have had with him are profound.

i was able to come up with this word while on a treacherous bike ride. i went down to st. george with a group of friends for the 4th of july weekend where we had a blast playing hide and seek in speckled glow-in-the-dark caves, rock climbing, and running out of water on a killer bike ride.

the ride was hot, tiring, and at times unenjoyable, but we made it. and while on the bike ride i considered all the things we could relate to life situations: taking heed to wise counsel: the boys called back to us yelling "stay left, stay left" as we came up on a massive drop off that couldn't be seen from the upcoming trail, charity: friends rationed water as we ran low to ensure that everyone got a sip, selflessness: one friend gave up his bike for another whose tire had blown, and the friend ran the bike the rest of the way so his friend could experience the trail, enduring to the end: it was hot, we were tired and not prepared for the difficult trail or the length of the ride, but we finished, patience: the boys would wait for marisa and i when we needed to rest and never gave us a hard time for walking down massive (and not so massive) hills, and they never once left us behind.

how does this have anything to do with my profound dad? well as i thought about all this on our ride, it made me remember all of the amazing lessons i have learned from my father. he always found an opportunity to teach me something valuable and encourage me, my siblings, and even my friends to learn something new every day. the most important lesson that my dad ever taught me was to never stop learning, especially after you leave the classroom.

so thank you dad, for the greatest of all lessons
thank you friends, for your good examples
and thank you america, for the freedoms you provide

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