pet peeves #1

you would think people would be smarter than this...but they just aren't. and usually it only takes one person and the rest will follow.

first of all, i think it's slightly tacky to send out a mass message on facebook asking people for their addresses for wedding invites. i realize this is the easiest way to get it done, and a message is waay less tacky than starting another one of those "john and betty are tying the knot" groups, which i absolutely refuse to join. anyway, the message goes out to about 20 people. the first person replies and i get yet another message in my facebook inbox. not knowing that it's simply a response i assume i actually have a real message; however, it's a total let down to see that responder's address and congrats to the happy couple. the next time i return to facebook i see yet another message in my inbox. i should just leave it alone, letting it sit there collecting more and more responses but i'm ocd about clearing out all my little notifications so i can't just leave it sitting there unopened...staring at me...that little 1 or 2 or 3 pulsating next to my "inbox" link. what if? maybe...just maybe, it's a real message... so i open it, see yet another address and close out of it only to repeat this process again and again for days.

seriously folks, don't you realize your response is being sent out to every other stinking person the message was originally sent to!? how difficult is it to simply click on the persons picture, go to there page, and send them a private message with your info. well i'll tell you how difficult..umm, not difficult? zero difficult? none difficult? zilch difficult? how can i know this you might ask? cause i did it! shocking, i know.

so seeing as only 20 people can be added to a single facebook message i'm waiting, counting, andhoping that we will reach that magical number of responses soon. currently the count is at 13.. so we're getting there.


  1. Rebecca I love the way you write. This is priceless and I completely and 100% agree with you. I hate the messages that are truly no message to me. I'm also OCD and clean out and check my facebook and it makes me hate facebook at the same time. I have a love hate relationship, I'm guessing you might too.

  2. Yes, this is the worst. I got one of these the other day. Every time I get a mass message in facebook i prepare myself for getting a lot of junk mail in the next few days

  3. It's even worse if you're set up to get emails every time you get a message. I get really angry at a) all the idiots who can't see that the button says "send to all," and b) the idiots who designed Facebook to be that way.