my name is dj danger

the wonderful thing about trials is that it puts things in perspective. and guess what, dishes are one of those things that are not at the top of the list of priorities. during dinner, my parents realized i had not yet seen my mom's birthday presents- his and hers scooters (my mom's clearly looks girly and my dad's clearly does not). so we abandoned the clean up process and on a whim, all went for a ride. i was worried as i ran back inside to get my mom and sister that i would be told "let's go after we finish cleaning up" but no, my mom dropped what she was doing and quickly headed outside. and what a lovely ride we had.

in other news, my uncle and aunt came over with there kids to visit, eat cookies, and play games. basically my lil cousin sofia is hilarious. and a doll. i just love her. and i would've inserted a video right here:


but it was taking too long. and i should go to bed. so i'm well rested for my full day of nothing! tomorrow... which is exactly what i plan on doing all week long.

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