its a blog eat blog world out there

its been awhile. sorta. i feel like i should post something. i don't want all my posts to be media dominated though, so this time around you can all listen to my random stream of consciousness.

ok...so let's see. what to share, what to share. i'm at work. i'm kinda bored. i should be working on my independent study class right now but i just don't wanna dagnabit. instead i'm wasting away my time on etsy.com and jcrew! i just want to buy a whole new wardrobe. but i don't actually want to go shopping. sometimes i really hate shopping. put stuff on, take it off, put all your clothes back on which usually involves layers, buttons, ties, and such, only to take it all off again to try something else.. all the while messing up your hair in the process, only to feel bad when i drop alot of money on things i don't really need but sorta want. so what i should do is just order a bunch of stuff online cause getting packages is basically like christmas all year round and i love christmas.

maybe i'll wait to go shopping when i go home. maybe my loving mom will buy me something. that would be sweet. and that would also be like christmas! gosh i love christmas. which reminds me, i've been listening to my ipod on shuffle lately seeing as i always forget what songs i have and it takes way less work to click shuffle than to go and actually choose an artist..where was i. oh yeah, shuffled songs. so a christmas song came on. i think it was candlelight carol by the mormon tabernacle choir and oh my i loooove that song! it made me all excited for thanksgiving...cause once that day passes listening to christmas songs it totally legit. yes. woo. i'm stoked already.

i think this post needs to come to end.

peace lovers

p.s. the actual saying, "dog eat dog" used to confuse me as a child. i used to think everyone was saying "it's a doggy dog world out there" and i thought, it looks mainly human to me. i mean yeah there are dogs, but i wouldn't say its just their world. seriously.


  1. you crack me up. miss you. love seeing into your world of dreams. Keep dreaming, baby. Ain't no shopping for you. Christmas is in 5 months...but if your good...maybe a little something when you get home. hehe