drink up little children

first of all, how is it that my northern california water is SO much better than utah water. i just don't get it. its the best thing in the world and sometimes provo water is simply painful to drink.

in other news, kids have been fascinating me lately. my sister and i went to the library the other day and saw these adorable little 7 or 8 year old girls at the catalog computers looking for books. we did the same, found our books and went to check out. i watched the two little girls in front of me, helping themselves at the self-checkout and then place their books in there little library bags. cute. so then we check out and walk outside to see these girls unlocking their little locks to their little bikes. cuuuute! gaah! little girls, i want to be you! so carefree, spending your summer days biking to the library to find some good reads. sounds like a perfect day to me.

hey little kid, i see you. walking awkwardly towards the payphones at the airport. dodging people as they briskly walk by.. ok so this kid saunters up the the payphones and one by one, sticks his fingers in the change deposit of each phone, searching for a treasure. but alas, to no avail, no quarters are to be found. sorry kid but lets face it. no one uses payphones any more. so the kid turns and walks away, trying to look casual and not let down by the coin lacking phones. here's to you kid, keep hoping, never stop checking for the little treasures. i used to do it too...

and i've recently gone baby crazy. i was and still am puppy crazy. I WANT A PUPPY!! SO SO BAD!! but then i came home, and went to church. and there were babies everywhere! so cute. i want one of those little guys. all the cooing and the smiling and the laughing. we went and visited our neighbors the other day who have a little 4 month old. what a gem! he's just mellow yellow. cute as a button. so my sister babysits for them and since it was 105 at 8 o clock in the p.m. she brought the baby and the two older boys over for a swim. so my sister went outside with the two older boys, my dad was already in the pool, my mom was making dinner, and some how in this exchange baby boy ended up in my arms. thank goodness for hips, cause that is where he spent most of the night. he was happy as a clam, then took a little nap, and as soon as he awoke, he was no longer such as happy camper. quite the opposite. it was probably whatever was camped out in his diaper. so alot of drool, spit up, and a sore arm later, i decided that i am no longer baby crazy. wooo boy, i'm gonna need to lift some weights before i go and have any kids.

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  1. Totally agree on the water! There's so much iron in the water here that it tastes like blood. Gross.