cubed or crushed#2

ok so here are my top 3 hollywood men

john cusak- i have loved him since i first saw better of dead and of course say anything. and now i'll basically see anything he is in. he's always such a good guy. and so endearing. i just love him!

ryan reynolds- what a babe. and a super funny guy. the girls and i fell in love with just friends which is when i fell in love with him! and since i just went and saw the proposal it reminded how much i simply adore him.

christian bale- this list would not be complete with out this hunk of a man. sheesh. he was probably my first hollywood crush ever. i think i was 12. that's right folks, you guessed it. newsies.
he was mighty fine then and just got better and better with age. plus it helped alot that my favorite superhero is batman and he is like the perfect batman. i love him!!

honorable mention
rupert grint- what a cutie! he's basically my favorite person in the hp series. gah. i'm a nerd.


  1. Christian Bale was my FIRST Crush too, I LOVED Newsies and I would dream about him coming in the middle of the night to surprise me and take me away. Haha, Great line up of men Rebecca, I have to agree with Ryan Reynolds too.

    I also really have a crush on Hugh Jackman. haha oh and my husband shhhh don't tell him, although he has a crush on Taylor Swift as we discussed today.

  2. trying not to make fun of you..


  3. So, Logan and I were just talking about Hollywood crushes today. I told him that I was too good for them, but then he pointed out my love for Mr. Bale. I could not deny it. He has stolen my heart. Awesome.

  4. Oh Newsies sleepovers. Every sleepover? I watched Newsies the other day, and found that I knew, not only every word, but all of the background action, the behind the scenes stuff...the friends i was watching it with gave me the hardest time. haha