brings smiles to my eyes #1

here are some things i love right now:

softball games...our co-ed team may not be the best... actually it may very possibly be the worst, but i love playing all the same

my new mac book... announcing a special deal. if you buy now you can get the white mac book for $850. and they'll even throw in the ipod touch for free after a mail-in-rebate. but wait, there's more, just cause they are uber cool they're gonna give you a free cannon printer! whaaa?? ok, yes. i will buy you mr. mac book. even though i've been a long time pc user. however, i did make the mistake of buying an hp when my gateway went caput and the hp crashed on me every day for a week! i wasn't quite sure how i would make this transition but so far i love it!

packages...so even before i posted about loving getting packages in the mail, one was already en route thanks to my kind-hearted mother and sweet-souled sister. my sister came out to visit on a whim and kept asking me if i'd gotten my mail..i kept putting it off knowing full well that nothing every comes for me. so i fiiiinally went and checked the mail yesterday and was delighted to see something with my name on it. it was the cutest lil package full of hair accessories, jewelry, nail polish, and an awesome book that only a nerdy harry potter fan would get excited about. i'll be sure to tell you how it is.

(banana bandana)

my new library card... a) it has a cute lil froggy on it b) i seriously love libraries. period. they are so calming. so serene. so full of wondrous fantasies, mysteries, realities, lessons learned, and masterful pieces of art c) i'm on a classic reading kick. i recently finished to kill a mockingbird and now i'm starting a room with a view


circles of trust... recently given the abbreviation cot. these originated in st. george. kinda a joke. but still really good. let it all out, that's what i say.


  1. That looks like an owl, not a frog...

    You're right though, COT is the best! COT forever.

  2. don't be a goofus. that's not a picture of the library card silly. i just like it.