i'm never going to finish this stupid online class. seriously, i need order, i need due dates. otherwise i just put it off. which is what i've done. alot. and after already extending the year long class 3 more months i now have about 4 weeks to finish some pretty big papers. and i just don't wanna! this class is the bane of my existence! oh boy.. tangent time.

so i love when people try to use phrases but don't get them quite right. and one of the recent ones i saw was a girl on her facebook status... she said that something was the "pain of her existence." hehe.. gooood stuff. another recent one i saw was, "the hubby and i are going to a play! aren't we so cultural." unless the play is a remake of the it's a small world ride, or depicts the farming habits of the bushman i think the best form of the word is cultured. close but alas, no cigar.
my mom and her mom are both experts when it comes to stuff like this... their specialty is mixing metaphors, cause you know people who live in a glass house shouldn't count their chickens...

which reminds me, one time, when i was a wee-little one (i think i was 7) my dad told me that my mom "killed two birds with one stone." i took this quite literally, and for a year told the story to my classmates about how my mom had such great aim that she knocked two birds out of a tree with just one rock. impressive.



  1. amen sister

    i love this post. it's hilarious because it's so true. "Fo paw?" REALLY? REALLY?!

    anyway. i hate online classes too.

  2. two birds. not to. unless i missed something :)

  3. thanks claire.. i'm a mess. and a hypocrite. haha

  4. People in glass houses shouldn’t throw sleeping dogs, otherwise it will rain cats and wolfs in sheep’s clothing and you won’t enjoy having your cake and eating the icing on it, but maybe if you step up to the plate to eat the apple of my eye you might not make a pig of yourself. But always remember your knight in shining armor could be a black sheep or a bull that you grab by its horns or a bat that is blind or even sly, sly as a fox. Someday if you smell a rat or see a rat, kick the bucket that is by your feet and then bounce off the wall, but only if it’s covered with that cool soft padding, otherwise it will hurt. But above all, don’t beat a dead horse.

    mamacita (besos)

  5. your mom is a RIIIIIOOOOOTTTT haha