i'm never going to finish this stupid online class. seriously, i need order, i need due dates. otherwise i just put it off. which is what i've done. alot. and after already extending the year long class 3 more months i now have about 4 weeks to finish some pretty big papers. and i just don't wanna! this class is the bane of my existence! oh boy.. tangent time.

so i love when people try to use phrases but don't get them quite right. and one of the recent ones i saw was a girl on her facebook status... she said that something was the "pain of her existence." hehe.. gooood stuff. another recent one i saw was, "the hubby and i are going to a play! aren't we so cultural." unless the play is a remake of the it's a small world ride, or depicts the farming habits of the bushman i think the best form of the word is cultured. close but alas, no cigar.
my mom and her mom are both experts when it comes to stuff like this... their specialty is mixing metaphors, cause you know people who live in a glass house shouldn't count their chickens...

which reminds me, one time, when i was a wee-little one (i think i was 7) my dad told me that my mom "killed two birds with one stone." i took this quite literally, and for a year told the story to my classmates about how my mom had such great aim that she knocked two birds out of a tree with just one rock. impressive.



rock solid

dear mom,
this year you've faced the struggles and blessings that come with an ill husband, the weddings of two sons, a heartbroken and hurt child, and a vibrant, busy 16 year-old daughter all the while going back to school and balancing the many roles that we have all demanded of you. you are our rock. your strength is incredible. i love you dearly.

- becca boo
(1993, St. Louis)


quit that dilly dallying

i do not like running. but guess what. i did it. this morning. and sadly, i can't really be proud of that fact because i feel like it's totally worthless unless i keep it up. oh what have i done...

it's not even that i don't like it cause i'm not in shape. i still didn't like it when i was playing 3 sports year round. put me on a track, a sidewalk, a trail, a road, and tell me to run, and i'll give you the look of death (i'm sure you're all familiar with that look... sorry bout that). but at age 15 and younger aka- when i was "in shape" put a field hockey stick, lacrosse stick, or basketball in my hands and tell me to run and i could run all day long...or at least til we won the game.

i think i just don't have the discipline for distance running. but seeing as i don't eat enough veggies or fruit or get enough protein or vitamins and i work in front of a computer all day... the least i can do is run a measly few miles every day right?

the key is finding a good book on tape cause then i'll get so into the story that i'll completely forget that i'm running, which i think i have found. but i'm way to embarrassed to admit what it's called. speaking of embarrassing books, i just started reading "the tale of beetle and the bard." it's a book that is from one of the harry potter books. it's cute. if you liked the books (alot) then you'll appreciate this little book of wizarding fairy tales.

too many of my post have had something to with harry potter lately. i really need to cut it out!

p.s. i just realized that is pretty pathetic that the last time i consider myself in shape was 6 years ago. and i take that back, i wasn't in shape, i was just running alot. dancing kept me in great shape so i really can't complain. oh and good genes and fast metabolism help too. man, i hope that never slows down.


undefeated, minus the un

so we played our last softball game last night, and it's official, we never won a single game. i'm having flashbacks to fall semester of freshman year of college, when we played on an all-girl flag football team, full of little, somewhat athletic girls, with no male coaches (or any coaches for that matter) and zero fans. it was kinda a chore.
this is so not that case with softball. i had a BLAST playing. except when tyler and doug had a yelling match with the refs and some dude from the other team. haha (the refs were totally wrong though) but seriously folks, i was impressed with us. watching us you would never be able to tell that we really lost every single game. but we lost in style, and put up a really good fight...when we didn't lose by the mercy rule. at least we looked good...extra points for being the best looking team on the field!
truly, i feel like we won ever game. i just had so much fun! woo. good times.
so hammertime, here's to next year! (too bad none of us will be here by then. maybe ray. oh, nope, actually ray won't be here either)


this one is for you...



cubed or crushed#2

ok so here are my top 3 hollywood men

john cusak- i have loved him since i first saw better of dead and of course say anything. and now i'll basically see anything he is in. he's always such a good guy. and so endearing. i just love him!

ryan reynolds- what a babe. and a super funny guy. the girls and i fell in love with just friends which is when i fell in love with him! and since i just went and saw the proposal it reminded how much i simply adore him.

christian bale- this list would not be complete with out this hunk of a man. sheesh. he was probably my first hollywood crush ever. i think i was 12. that's right folks, you guessed it. newsies.
he was mighty fine then and just got better and better with age. plus it helped alot that my favorite superhero is batman and he is like the perfect batman. i love him!!

honorable mention
rupert grint- what a cutie! he's basically my favorite person in the hp series. gah. i'm a nerd.


drink up little children

first of all, how is it that my northern california water is SO much better than utah water. i just don't get it. its the best thing in the world and sometimes provo water is simply painful to drink.

in other news, kids have been fascinating me lately. my sister and i went to the library the other day and saw these adorable little 7 or 8 year old girls at the catalog computers looking for books. we did the same, found our books and went to check out. i watched the two little girls in front of me, helping themselves at the self-checkout and then place their books in there little library bags. cute. so then we check out and walk outside to see these girls unlocking their little locks to their little bikes. cuuuute! gaah! little girls, i want to be you! so carefree, spending your summer days biking to the library to find some good reads. sounds like a perfect day to me.

hey little kid, i see you. walking awkwardly towards the payphones at the airport. dodging people as they briskly walk by.. ok so this kid saunters up the the payphones and one by one, sticks his fingers in the change deposit of each phone, searching for a treasure. but alas, to no avail, no quarters are to be found. sorry kid but lets face it. no one uses payphones any more. so the kid turns and walks away, trying to look casual and not let down by the coin lacking phones. here's to you kid, keep hoping, never stop checking for the little treasures. i used to do it too...

and i've recently gone baby crazy. i was and still am puppy crazy. I WANT A PUPPY!! SO SO BAD!! but then i came home, and went to church. and there were babies everywhere! so cute. i want one of those little guys. all the cooing and the smiling and the laughing. we went and visited our neighbors the other day who have a little 4 month old. what a gem! he's just mellow yellow. cute as a button. so my sister babysits for them and since it was 105 at 8 o clock in the p.m. she brought the baby and the two older boys over for a swim. so my sister went outside with the two older boys, my dad was already in the pool, my mom was making dinner, and some how in this exchange baby boy ended up in my arms. thank goodness for hips, cause that is where he spent most of the night. he was happy as a clam, then took a little nap, and as soon as he awoke, he was no longer such as happy camper. quite the opposite. it was probably whatever was camped out in his diaper. so alot of drool, spit up, and a sore arm later, i decided that i am no longer baby crazy. wooo boy, i'm gonna need to lift some weights before i go and have any kids.


home sweet home

in no particular order... these are the things i miss most about home:

1. my sweet little sister
2. the very handsome, and recently groomed (hence the very dapper bandana) parker
3. my parents (heading out to the coldplay concert), who apparently think they are really funny. my dad is known for his not-so-funny puns, so my mom decided to get this shirt. she showed my dad, who then decided to wear his "death" shirt. oh real hilarious guys, reeeaal hilarious.


something about it..

i loved this number by kayla and kupono on sytycd. choreographed by
mia micheals, this piece depicts addiction and the desire to have
something that is bad for you. kupono represents this. it's simply
amazing- beautifully danced and powerfully expressed.
(videos have been removed due to copyright violation.. so you're loss if you didn't catch it while i had it up. you missed you folks. luke that includes you... cause you totally could have watched it, and blatantly ignored it. shame on you)

my name is dj danger

the wonderful thing about trials is that it puts things in perspective. and guess what, dishes are one of those things that are not at the top of the list of priorities. during dinner, my parents realized i had not yet seen my mom's birthday presents- his and hers scooters (my mom's clearly looks girly and my dad's clearly does not). so we abandoned the clean up process and on a whim, all went for a ride. i was worried as i ran back inside to get my mom and sister that i would be told "let's go after we finish cleaning up" but no, my mom dropped what she was doing and quickly headed outside. and what a lovely ride we had.

in other news, my uncle and aunt came over with there kids to visit, eat cookies, and play games. basically my lil cousin sofia is hilarious. and a doll. i just love her. and i would've inserted a video right here:


but it was taking too long. and i should go to bed. so i'm well rested for my full day of nothing! tomorrow... which is exactly what i plan on doing all week long.

from the skys

i'm writing this post from my 4a window seat of my little airplane. i'll be home in an hour and then change out of my sweats into church clothes which i am just now realizing i forgot to pack...i think some heels made it into my bag though. weird.

so goodbye utah and hello california

(posted from home (obviously))


you know when you wake up with a song already stuck in your head

i am at work right now, daydreaming about my bed... right after this i'm heading out with some friends for a bike ride up in sundance (i know. another bike ride. what am i thinking). then there is some sort of activity, event, thingamajig of some sort going on tonight. somewhere in all there i should probably pack since i'm flying home tomorrow morning!


i've been wrong before

it has come to my attention that more than 2 people read my blog. hi friends. sorry if i offended you, but hey...i found out that you're out there didn't i.


dear lindsay and luke

thanks for being the devoted readers of my blog you are... and the only readers of my blog. i love you guys

- rebecca

brings smiles to my eyes #1

here are some things i love right now:

softball games...our co-ed team may not be the best... actually it may very possibly be the worst, but i love playing all the same

my new mac book... announcing a special deal. if you buy now you can get the white mac book for $850. and they'll even throw in the ipod touch for free after a mail-in-rebate. but wait, there's more, just cause they are uber cool they're gonna give you a free cannon printer! whaaa?? ok, yes. i will buy you mr. mac book. even though i've been a long time pc user. however, i did make the mistake of buying an hp when my gateway went caput and the hp crashed on me every day for a week! i wasn't quite sure how i would make this transition but so far i love it!

packages...so even before i posted about loving getting packages in the mail, one was already en route thanks to my kind-hearted mother and sweet-souled sister. my sister came out to visit on a whim and kept asking me if i'd gotten my mail..i kept putting it off knowing full well that nothing every comes for me. so i fiiiinally went and checked the mail yesterday and was delighted to see something with my name on it. it was the cutest lil package full of hair accessories, jewelry, nail polish, and an awesome book that only a nerdy harry potter fan would get excited about. i'll be sure to tell you how it is.

(banana bandana)

my new library card... a) it has a cute lil froggy on it b) i seriously love libraries. period. they are so calming. so serene. so full of wondrous fantasies, mysteries, realities, lessons learned, and masterful pieces of art c) i'm on a classic reading kick. i recently finished to kill a mockingbird and now i'm starting a room with a view


circles of trust... recently given the abbreviation cot. these originated in st. george. kinda a joke. but still really good. let it all out, that's what i say.

i wish you wouldn't do that

no really. stop doing that.


like clockwork

i was terrible at telling time...for a really long time.
except when it was a digital clock; then i was really good
anyway, i want this. only problem is, it might make me really bad at reading the big hand all over again...


pet peeves #1

you would think people would be smarter than this...but they just aren't. and usually it only takes one person and the rest will follow.

first of all, i think it's slightly tacky to send out a mass message on facebook asking people for their addresses for wedding invites. i realize this is the easiest way to get it done, and a message is waay less tacky than starting another one of those "john and betty are tying the knot" groups, which i absolutely refuse to join. anyway, the message goes out to about 20 people. the first person replies and i get yet another message in my facebook inbox. not knowing that it's simply a response i assume i actually have a real message; however, it's a total let down to see that responder's address and congrats to the happy couple. the next time i return to facebook i see yet another message in my inbox. i should just leave it alone, letting it sit there collecting more and more responses but i'm ocd about clearing out all my little notifications so i can't just leave it sitting there unopened...staring at me...that little 1 or 2 or 3 pulsating next to my "inbox" link. what if? maybe...just maybe, it's a real message... so i open it, see yet another address and close out of it only to repeat this process again and again for days.

seriously folks, don't you realize your response is being sent out to every other stinking person the message was originally sent to!? how difficult is it to simply click on the persons picture, go to there page, and send them a private message with your info. well i'll tell you how difficult..umm, not difficult? zero difficult? none difficult? zilch difficult? how can i know this you might ask? cause i did it! shocking, i know.

so seeing as only 20 people can be added to a single facebook message i'm waiting, counting, andhoping that we will reach that magical number of responses soon. currently the count is at 13.. so we're getting there.


you would think this wouldn't matter...

...but you would be wrong. my go to toothpaste is the regular crest cavity protection

however, by accident i grabbed cool mint crest cavity protection


i'm going to try and keep this from going too long. i personally don't like reading long blog posts. but if you aren't averse to that..no sweat.

often when you listen to people reflecting on their childhood and times with family they will relate funny stories or exciting moments they shared together. as i have reflected on my 20 years and the experiences i have had a very certain word came to mind. the interesting thing was that as fathers day recently passed i racked my brain to find the right word to describe my father...because i was unable to come up with the right word i didn't post a blog in honor of this day. i know i know, i'm a terrible daughter. anyway, i found the right word. my dad is profound, and the experiences i have had with him are profound.

i was able to come up with this word while on a treacherous bike ride. i went down to st. george with a group of friends for the 4th of july weekend where we had a blast playing hide and seek in speckled glow-in-the-dark caves, rock climbing, and running out of water on a killer bike ride.

the ride was hot, tiring, and at times unenjoyable, but we made it. and while on the bike ride i considered all the things we could relate to life situations: taking heed to wise counsel: the boys called back to us yelling "stay left, stay left" as we came up on a massive drop off that couldn't be seen from the upcoming trail, charity: friends rationed water as we ran low to ensure that everyone got a sip, selflessness: one friend gave up his bike for another whose tire had blown, and the friend ran the bike the rest of the way so his friend could experience the trail, enduring to the end: it was hot, we were tired and not prepared for the difficult trail or the length of the ride, but we finished, patience: the boys would wait for marisa and i when we needed to rest and never gave us a hard time for walking down massive (and not so massive) hills, and they never once left us behind.

how does this have anything to do with my profound dad? well as i thought about all this on our ride, it made me remember all of the amazing lessons i have learned from my father. he always found an opportunity to teach me something valuable and encourage me, my siblings, and even my friends to learn something new every day. the most important lesson that my dad ever taught me was to never stop learning, especially after you leave the classroom.

so thank you dad, for the greatest of all lessons
thank you friends, for your good examples
and thank you america, for the freedoms you provide


its a blog eat blog world out there

its been awhile. sorta. i feel like i should post something. i don't want all my posts to be media dominated though, so this time around you can all listen to my random stream of consciousness.

ok...so let's see. what to share, what to share. i'm at work. i'm kinda bored. i should be working on my independent study class right now but i just don't wanna dagnabit. instead i'm wasting away my time on etsy.com and jcrew! i just want to buy a whole new wardrobe. but i don't actually want to go shopping. sometimes i really hate shopping. put stuff on, take it off, put all your clothes back on which usually involves layers, buttons, ties, and such, only to take it all off again to try something else.. all the while messing up your hair in the process, only to feel bad when i drop alot of money on things i don't really need but sorta want. so what i should do is just order a bunch of stuff online cause getting packages is basically like christmas all year round and i love christmas.

maybe i'll wait to go shopping when i go home. maybe my loving mom will buy me something. that would be sweet. and that would also be like christmas! gosh i love christmas. which reminds me, i've been listening to my ipod on shuffle lately seeing as i always forget what songs i have and it takes way less work to click shuffle than to go and actually choose an artist..where was i. oh yeah, shuffled songs. so a christmas song came on. i think it was candlelight carol by the mormon tabernacle choir and oh my i loooove that song! it made me all excited for thanksgiving...cause once that day passes listening to christmas songs it totally legit. yes. woo. i'm stoked already.

i think this post needs to come to end.

peace lovers

p.s. the actual saying, "dog eat dog" used to confuse me as a child. i used to think everyone was saying "it's a doggy dog world out there" and i thought, it looks mainly human to me. i mean yeah there are dogs, but i wouldn't say its just their world. seriously.