in a sociology class i took at byu we discussed that the best way to overcome racism or prejudice is to actually spend some one on one time with a representative of that group. well, recently my prejudice ways have been shattered by a kind hearted soul. her name is figaro.

ok maybe that's going a little too far. i have long been a self proclaimed cat-hater. i still sort of am. i just don't hate figaro. actually its the opposite.. i kinda love figaro. i'm starting to sound like claire. everytime someone brings up the roommate cat you'll hear an echo from claire, "i loooooove figaroo."

recently, in my vacated apartment, my only companion is lindsay's cat who i have been enlisted to babysit. she's a rather pretty kitty and we have very gripping conversations. actually, usually its me telling her she can't go outside. she's gotten way too comfortable with her surroundings and tends to wander off and there is nooo wayyy i want to deal with the wrath of linds for losing her cat.. or the wrath of claire for losing her sleeping companion.

anyway, figaro wanted me to include a letter which i'll translate as she meows it to me:

Dear Lindsay and Claire,
how are you? i miss you. becca doesn't let me sleep with her. and sometimes she doesn't hear me when i scratch on her door in the middle of the night for food. but she's nice most of the time. she feeds me, cleans my litter, and my throw up. but i still like you guys better. so hurry home. i promise to be on my best behavior.

seriously. what's happened to me. i found a cat that i actually love. something is wrong.

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  1. BECCA!! IM SO PROUD OF YOU!!! hahaha i absolutely loved this post. figaro just warms your heart! i miss her. and i MISS YOU!!! you are hilarious. i have been asking luke for updates on your health and such. he says he sees you almost everyday. i need to call you. love you!