as the world turns

this title has no relation to this post. it just came to me. though i wouldn't really know if it did have relation or not because although the title sounds full of deep intrigue i have never watched this show..so its a moot point.
on with the show.

i'm quite bothered by the layout of my blog. i dislike all of the options and am further frustrated by the fact that my computer is dead and gone so i have no access to my photos, my design programs, and basically my life. sad day. i digress. the point is, i'm stuck with this layout..i want the old one back that i originally had but for whatever reason i can find it. lame. so bear with me and my sad looking cookie cutter layout.

i'll let you in on a lil secret. i envision a look that is clean, simple, like i'm not trying, but secretly i will be trying. and it will be uber cool. just wait. some day you'll come for a visit and be like woah! cool! and i'll be like ya man... cool is right.


  1. I don't doubt your awesome layout abilities. I kind of just gave up on mine eventually. But you're better than that.

  2. I wish I could make a super cute homemade layout for you, but the truth is that I get all of mine free from thecutestblogontheblock.com.
    Amy actually makes her own. Some of us are creative and some of us (me) just steal from the creative people. There's no shame in it if you're willing to admit it. :)

  3. I totally get the "wanting a cool blog' look. When dad started our blog, he picked a manly layout. Truthfully, it more his site than mine. I've been tempted a few times to choose cool, happy, looking layouts from Leelou Blogs, but I'm not sure your dad would wants swirls, flowers, or bright spring colors on the blog. But have fun finding you inner uber cool layout.

    love you xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox