all by my lonesome

ok so lindsay's flight for home left at midnight last night. and claire's left at 10ish this morning. we decided to make a night of it and hang out in the salt lake area all night till we took claire to the airport. needless to say, i returned home this morning to an empty apartment (not counting figaro- the cat). i feel like an orphan...roommateless. so sad. and watching them go home to be with their families makes me want to go home to be with mine! alas i must wait a few more weeks. ok. so this post is going to be a tribute to my darling roommates.

claire is an insomniac at night..can't sleep and therefore stays up watching conan and such. so during the day she's a little less insomniac and a little more comatose. however, she sure does this in style.

next, we've got lindsay. i feel like no explanation is necessary. ok, maybe just this: lindsay+black pleather pants+bowling=these pictures.

so now i plan on driving marisa crazy and demanding that she spend all her time with me...which really means i'll be spending all my time with her..3rd wheeling it. i don't mind if you don't ris!

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