well beethoven said...

"Music should strike fire from the heart of man, and bring tears from the eyes of woman."

this video clearly depicts that. i was shown this clip in an intro to film class my first semester of my freshman year. this song is amazing, but paired with the beautiful artwork done by the director in capturing this song, it becomes all the more powerful. since freshman year i have tried on many occasions to find this clip and failed again and again; however, it is thanks to bing that i'm sharing it with you today.


in a sociology class i took at byu we discussed that the best way to overcome racism or prejudice is to actually spend some one on one time with a representative of that group. well, recently my prejudice ways have been shattered by a kind hearted soul. her name is figaro.

ok maybe that's going a little too far. i have long been a self proclaimed cat-hater. i still sort of am. i just don't hate figaro. actually its the opposite.. i kinda love figaro. i'm starting to sound like claire. everytime someone brings up the roommate cat you'll hear an echo from claire, "i loooooove figaroo."

recently, in my vacated apartment, my only companion is lindsay's cat who i have been enlisted to babysit. she's a rather pretty kitty and we have very gripping conversations. actually, usually its me telling her she can't go outside. she's gotten way too comfortable with her surroundings and tends to wander off and there is nooo wayyy i want to deal with the wrath of linds for losing her cat.. or the wrath of claire for losing her sleeping companion.

anyway, figaro wanted me to include a letter which i'll translate as she meows it to me:

Dear Lindsay and Claire,
how are you? i miss you. becca doesn't let me sleep with her. and sometimes she doesn't hear me when i scratch on her door in the middle of the night for food. but she's nice most of the time. she feeds me, cleans my litter, and my throw up. but i still like you guys better. so hurry home. i promise to be on my best behavior.

seriously. what's happened to me. i found a cat that i actually love. something is wrong.



so here are the things i'm obsessed with right now

and of course

admit it...this is a bummeR

my parents headed down to santa clara today so my dad could be admitted to the hospital down there where the doctors know him and his situation. although he's had a heart transplant and bone marrow transplant and we (or at least i) thought we were in the clear, he has been feeling very sick lately.

please pray for him

for updates see their blog


the lil buggers

also, i love my brothers.
and their nerdy passions.
they are so cool.

cubed or crushed?

yes i just watched this movie.
yes it was sad.
yes daniel day is a babe.


as the world turns

this title has no relation to this post. it just came to me. though i wouldn't really know if it did have relation or not because although the title sounds full of deep intrigue i have never watched this show..so its a moot point.
on with the show.

i'm quite bothered by the layout of my blog. i dislike all of the options and am further frustrated by the fact that my computer is dead and gone so i have no access to my photos, my design programs, and basically my life. sad day. i digress. the point is, i'm stuck with this layout..i want the old one back that i originally had but for whatever reason i can find it. lame. so bear with me and my sad looking cookie cutter layout.

i'll let you in on a lil secret. i envision a look that is clean, simple, like i'm not trying, but secretly i will be trying. and it will be uber cool. just wait. some day you'll come for a visit and be like woah! cool! and i'll be like ya man... cool is right.


all by my lonesome

ok so lindsay's flight for home left at midnight last night. and claire's left at 10ish this morning. we decided to make a night of it and hang out in the salt lake area all night till we took claire to the airport. needless to say, i returned home this morning to an empty apartment (not counting figaro- the cat). i feel like an orphan...roommateless. so sad. and watching them go home to be with their families makes me want to go home to be with mine! alas i must wait a few more weeks. ok. so this post is going to be a tribute to my darling roommates.

claire is an insomniac at night..can't sleep and therefore stays up watching conan and such. so during the day she's a little less insomniac and a little more comatose. however, she sure does this in style.

next, we've got lindsay. i feel like no explanation is necessary. ok, maybe just this: lindsay+black pleather pants+bowling=these pictures.

so now i plan on driving marisa crazy and demanding that she spend all her time with me...which really means i'll be spending all my time with her..3rd wheeling it. i don't mind if you don't ris!



so i'm guessing starting a movie at 1 am is not the best idea... especially when you have work at 8 in the morning the next day. don't get me wrong, it was a fabulous movie (eternal sunshine of the spotless mind....edited of course), however we watched it 2 days ago. why we all gave in to watching it again? i dunno. was it worth it? i'll get back to you on that.

anyways, i'm again neglecting studying. just sitting here day dreaming about a really comfy bed.



Well, let's begin shall we. For some time (2 days), I've been seriously considering starting a blog, and since it's finals week and I really really really don't feel like studying right now, it seems like a perfect time to begin. I have no idea what the point of this blog will be or if anyone will read it but who cares...its the cool thing to do right?

I kind of have mixed feelings about blogs...I think it's easy to get sucked in and it becomes another huge timewaster.. as if i don't waste enough time online already. However, they are fun to read and a lot of them are fascinating, informative, uplifting, and helpful. Mine probably won't be any of these. You have been warned.